Friday, February 25, 2011

Time To Ride

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As many of my friends know, unforeseen circumstances have kept me from riding over the past couple of months. Being away from the bike has not only left me frustrated, but I am now 2 months behind on my training for this years road racing season. To make things worst, I am nowhere near being in shape in time for this years Hill Country 600, my chosen RAAM qualifier.

The good new is that I have once again found my bicycle. It has been like being reunited with a lost love. The problem is that between work and studying, I only have 15 hours a week to train. However, not all is lost. It is actually possible to have a competitive season with training only 15 hours a week. The secret is to increase your intensity.

Many times, the time  I have to ride occurs after dark. therefore, I ride my weekday rides on a trainer. I know that it sounds boring, but I have found by using my computrainer along with videos from The Sufferfest, That I get very specific interval training at intensities much higher and controlled than I would on the road in the given amount of time.

As work hard to salvage my season, I will be doing high intensity interval training during the week and getting my distances in on the weekends. I will not make the Hill Country 600 in March, but do not count me off yet.

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